Friday, May 11, 2012

Cookie Dessert- My First Nationally Published Recipe

In  2005 I entered this recipe in the Southern Living Cook-Off contest.  Didn't really think much more about it.  Six months later I receive a Southern Living Cookbook in the mail.  I was a little irritated because I hadn't ordered it and it is always such a hassle to return them.  A few days later another book was delivered.  I called the company to register my complaint regarding the unwanted cookbooks and they offered their apologies and said they would get return labels in the mail so that I could ship the books back.  As I mentioned, it is always such a hassle to send them back.  The return labels came and then disappeared somewhere in the abyss of my junk mail drawer.

About three months later I decided to open one of the books and thought I would give the other one as a Christmas gift. I took the book with to bed and settled in to check out some prize winning recipes.  As I'm flipping through the book a name catches my attention.  Randi Blanscet, Fort Smith, AR.  I thought "wow, someone here in my town has my same name"  Then It dawned on me... That's my recipe!  Well holy S..t!
I woke up my husband, called my mom and kids (whom I might add were clearly not as excited as I was being that it was 10 at night!)  Anyway, they claimed they received over 34,000 recipes and published 434.
Everyone has their 15 minutes.  Don't they?

This recipe was from my mom, and  is one of those recipes that always taste better than it sounds.  It is absolutely fabulous and your kids can help with dunking the cookies.  I always told my kids to dunk the cookie until it bubbles.  Just remember to give it plenty of time to chill 6-8 hours.

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